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"How to go from owning a stressful job to owning a successful money-making machine... In The Next 30 Days."

Discover the hidden secrets to building a profitable business that generates consistent cash flows, day in and day out, while finally enjoying the freedom of a successful entrepreneur.

Todd Henry
CPA, CFO and Business Advisor

Here's what you'll learn:

Why 1 out of every 2 businesses fail before its 5th birthday, and the one thing you must do to avoid failure...
How to transform your business from a stressful job into a money-making machine... FAST.
The 16 metrics you MUST understand and watch like a hawk if you want to grow your business profitably.
Why most business owners make less than $100k in personal income, and how YOU can multiply that...
And much, MUCH more!

This Masterclass is for you if:

You're working too hard, paying yourself too little, and you want to multiply your personal income from the business.
You're stuck: you know you need to grow your business to generate more cash flow, but you can't grow without cash to invest in the business.
You don't own the business... The business owns you!  You can't take time off without the risk of operations grinding to a hault.

About The Author

Todd is a Certified Public Accountant who began his career with a Big Four accounting firm, transitioned to Corporate Finance and has held numerous Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer positions with private equity-backed firms; he is also an entrepreneur and understands the challenges, first hand, of running a small business (and how to conquer them!).

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